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Gizmodo, Gawker, Deadspin, Kotaku, LifeHacker, Jezebel, etc. WARNING: passwords HAVE been compromised.... Answered

I got an email from Gizmodo saying that I sould go to their site and reset my password.   I did not use ANY links in the email, but went to the site directly and yes, they have a message up to reset the password, and then change it to something you prefer.

This is for any of the sites listed above and a few others they are associated with.


This stunk, either nobody figured out my password (I do used capitals, numbers, symbols, and alpha in mine) or I'm just not important enough. My email was in the list. Boooo!

I'm waiting for some account that I forgot about somewhere to get cracked open.

Also, its worth pointing out, anyone whom used the same password on other sites should change those also.

Those people with crap passwords that they had used elsewhere got hit badly.
Paypal accounts emptied, email accounts hijacked etc.

Yes, Paypal actually was broken into and acount numbers stolen....

They only just sent you an email? Wow, this was like two days ago. Pathetic.

2 days ago I got a similar message from Linkedin and have had to reset that password too.

Ah, okay. Hmm I didn't get a linkedn one. I don't have a gawker/etc account.

Think I'll go change my linkedn pw.

Let us know what it is. We do provide a convenient free service to change all of your passwords at once...

I smell fine, it's the hearing I have trouble with...maybe listening to people...

I suppose that includes a free FILE cleaning service too ;-)