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Glaze/Plastic/Glass Look for Paper? Answered

So I am planning on making an Origami figure as a birthday present for a special friend I am going to be investing at least 24 hours just for the Origami and additional time with the accompanying objects. I want the present to last so i was wondering if there is any like spray on plastic, glaze, epoxy or something that looks like glass or see through plastic so it will make it look pretty and increase durability? It would be also nice if it were water proof. Since i am investing a lot of time into this "Project" any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks, AWX


Krylon makes some spray on clear protective coatings, check the aerosol departments of your local hobby stores and hardware stores.

I would think that some kind of 'spray on varnish' would be the way to go. Considering that paper is wood, you should manage it. Though many light coats would be best as to not soak the paper.

Another alternative, is to mount the piece in a sealed glass dome or box. Which offers the best protection, an extreme idea would be to cast the piece in resin.

a few links -
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