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Glovebox challenge results Answered

I'm fairly new to Instructables.  I'm a finalist in the Glovebox Gadget Contest and the judging ended on the 17th.  The other contests that ended on the 17th have winners posted, yet I don't see anything for Glovebox.  Is there a way to tell when the winners get announced for each contest?  To pass the time I've written a Haiku on the subject:

Waiting is painful
Is the 3D printer mine?
I can only hope

Am I missing this information somewhere?  If any experienced member could let me know I'd appreciate it.  Thanks.



Hey guys, I emailed info@instructables.com a few days go and basically what they said was that they're waiting for the sponsor (Ford) to send them the official results and until that happens we just have to wait. They did say that they hope to have the results posted within the next two weeks. I'm curious as to the results as well but it seems like we're at the mercy of the sponsors.

I'm also curius, but didn't want to post anything and seem impatient :)

Unfortunately I haven't heard any updates. Instructables, is there any news?

It is not a bug.

A feature as we call it.

Sponsors nod, just wait.

Since that contest is sponsored, ibles HQ has to get their final approval of the winners so delays on announcements. And when it is in judging, sometimes the contest listing disappears for no reason so go back here https://www.instructables.com/contest/glovebox/ to check if you do not see it. You also get a PM private message in the ibles inbox when they do announce something.

Good luck and congrats on your halloween contest win.

Has there been any updates on this?

I guess they are still working on it. Nobody puts Robot in a corner.

This happy new member is glad,
wondering made me so sad.
So I sent out a plea
then smiled wide with glee
at a quick answer from caitlinsdad.

This limerick and the earlier haiku have now completely exhausted my poetry knowledge. Thanks for the speedy reply, caitlinsdad. That information is good to know.