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Glowforge - Anyone got their laser delivered? Answered

I was playing with the tought of getting one of these fance Glowforge lasers on day...
So I was watching their Kickstarter campaign and some related forums for the development and what's happening.
Right now it seems Glowforge overestimated their capabilities in several areas.
Supporters from the first days are still waiting for their machines, those few claiming that they already got one complain about ongoing issues and a lack of support.
Since they also sponsored a contest here not so long ago I was wondering if anyone actually got their machines delivered and would be able to provide some first hand feedback?


Glowforge has sent out beta units and has informed those that ordered within the initial pre-order that the power supply has caused a hold up and they should receive their units by December instead of the original June. Yes, that means I will have been waiting for over a year since I ordered it, but I would be pretty grouchy if they sent me a product that wasn't thoroughly tested and the best it could be.

If you want a good price, I'd buy soon. The price has gone up since the initial pre-order. I only paid $2000, but if you wait until pre-orders are over, the price may double. The msrp is $4000. The beauty of the wait is that, while you have to pay upfront, you then have time to save and replenish you savings account for what you spent while still being able to get a full refund if some sort of catastrophic event happened and you needed the cash.

Thanks for that!
Order and pay now, receive some time 2017...
Guess I wait and see if they ever make it and what other brands will be available by then.
Quite disappointing considering the hype and money already pumped into the project.
Somehow it seems to be the norm these days that most kickstarter projects start to disappoint once the campaign is over.
But hopefully our winner will get the laser this year and leave a nice review for everyone.

I don't think failure is the "norm", it's just that the big, over-ambitious failures make the press.

You also have to keep in mind that Glowforge is an example of a crowd-funding project that became far more successful than they expected. When you expect to produce a certain number of items and get 10x that in preorders, things change. I bought one during the initial preorder, and I was originally told that I would receive my Glowforge by June, and now it is expected by December. Yes, it's disappointing, but now they're fully made in the US (not China) and they're throwing in $150 in goodies, so it's not all bad. I just hope to have it before my Christmas break, so I can play with with for 2 weeks straight.

Kinda like the problem with Starkiller Base and it's power supply?