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Gmjhowe - 5 | Fungus Amungus - 5 Answered

The showdown of the century!

A deal has been made between the titans of teach! The sultans of social networking! The thrilla in Mozilla!

Starting today, Monday September 29, 2008, Gmjhowe and Fungus Amungus have set a deal; Five instructables, in Five days.

The Standings:

Gmjhowe - 5:
Leather Book Binding
Adjustable Vesa Arm Laptop Stand
Friendly Papercraft Friends
The Egg of Time
Leather Covered Pendulum Clock

Fungus Amungus - 5:
Iced Coffee
Inverted Bookshelf
Mirror Ball Clock
Ginger Molasses Cookies
Ghost Shoes



9 years ago

Well done to you both!

It is done, well done fungus, you did good, it was a challenge, but i managed it, just, (with a slight flexing of the rules) One question? did you do your -ibles during work time, or in your own free time?

Probably my favorite out of any this week.. Along with the inverted bookshelf

right, well, due to problems that your all too aware of, i spent this evening with my gf, hence my intended number 5 wont be done till tomoro, seen as i started a day early, i think i can be let off being a day late with this one. ( i want to make a god job if it and not rush it) ALSO - if you check my persona, in the past 5 days i have completed SEVEN instructables, and TWO slideshows, so…

The work for #5 was just finished. Tomorrow, the documentation.

woah! good work, is it anything good? I am struggling for today, i think im going to do a clock, but its essentially a 'from scratch' build.

I didn't realize it, but the Instructables I've been posting have been in order of least to most time spent on the back burner. The last one I've been meaning to finish for about a year and a half.

haha! well, im just starting on todays ible, although the idea has been in my mind for weeks!

yeah tell me about it? weve been on that project page for many many months now.

Ahem, bumpus, i think you should add my two bonus thursday ibles to my list somehow please!

All right, day 4.

And, yes, they taste good. Reallllly goooood. :)

Yeah, well, gmjhowe did start the whole thing a day early :)

That is true, but you did mention that you had several unfinished -ibles.. Btw, your Iced Coffee primary photo is excellent. :D

Heh, I still have one laying around here somewhere...

Day 4 The Egg of Time! also my entry for the egg contest!

*crosses fingers and hopes fungus doesn't out shine me with my egg* I kinda did two more, in the comment just above, avoid the last one though, like i said, minor spoilers!

Haha-River Song: "Can't look at that. Spoilers..."

What happens if one of them fails to make another instructable?

then they have to pay money. or the other one gets bragging rights

LOL! I saw that deal somewhere yesterday...

haha! who are your bets on then?

the admin who you bet against :-P just kidding, i dont care, as long as you 2 live up to your bet

don't worry i got your back
even if the odds are 1 to 100

JELLY- two!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'll try (and fail miserably) Does it have to be one a day or 5 in 5?

I'm going to try 5 in 5, but not 1 a day

The what in the who?

Jake and Fungus have a pact to publish one ible, every day, Monday through Friday of this week, at the moment, Fungus is winning! :D

I knew that, I was just questioning the bizarre language you used...

I do believe the correct term is "Sentence Enhancers" :D

Not any more he aint!

Its back again! shield your eyes!


9 years ago


That may have been a rap. Unless those abbreviations are impolite in the US?

the abbreviations are really initials