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Go Green! Contest Results Are Up! Answered

Check out the results from the Go Green! contest.

Lots of fabulous entries with great suggestions for turning your home, vehicle, work, and life a bit greener.


man i didn't win, i really wanted one of those solar chargers. guess mine wasn't good enough. congrats to all who won!

awww Sardinie, when we take Navy showers we all win!

Hmm I guess potato plastic isn't very popular... Congrats to all the winners, great job, and thanks to Popular Science and Instructables who made this possible!

Wee, I won a Tee!

And I got the magazine - the boys are already watching the post box for it.

Thank you all who voted for our Hydroponic Bog Garden. To win the Grand Prize is just great... Not only that, but you have shown the power of the Internet again by voting for a project developed in the UK and published worldwide by the power of the WWW. All the best to you all... Keep inventing!!! Regards, Chris White for Biotank.

Congratulations to all entrants! There are some great high impact ideas among the 71 entrants. I see several ideas I want to try. Perhaps we can do this again in winter when our cold weather ideas kick in. Maybe a fall contest (ahead of the northern hemisphere winter solstice shopping spree) for environmentally beneficial gift giving would be fun and useful.

Congrats everyone. I am satisfied with a 65% total score. Congrats to the Grand Prize winner, first prize winners, and second prize winners. I have to say, this was a great turnout of people to GO GREEN!

Thanks to everyone who voted for me, and congrats to everyone who won, or who entered! I got first prize, which I'm glad of, because I have no need or space for a bicycle. But a universal charger...now that's cool...


10 years ago

Great job, guys!