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Go Kart - How do I secure the gear to the axle? Answered

I bought a used go kart frame off craigslist, and I am repairing it. The problem is that the brake disc and the two gears for the motor spin freely on the rear left axle even when the wheel is not moving. How do I secure the gears to the axle? Do I use a bolt, or what?


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Are you missing some kind of lock nut/hub that goes down and bears on the gears on the end of the axle? The gears would fall right off.

I think the lock nut is missing. I don't know the brand of the go kart so I can't buy a replacement - what should I do? Are there standard lock nuts?

I am not a mechanic but maybe fax/email a picture to a go-kart supply place and they can help you out. Measure the diameter of the axle and try to count the number of threads per inch on the axle, try to figure out if metric sized. Good luck.