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Go Karts Answered

Hey guys, If there's anyone out there I'm gonna make a go kart. Ive got the frame and steering but how can I get good brakes and engine (50cc/5-8+hp)???




8 years ago

try cragslist.com and go on recreational veicles then pick wher you live.

What are you going to do with it? If you are going to race you need to concentrate on acceleration in addition to top speed. Are you going off road? One rear axle should not be a serious problem. The tires will not wear perfectly with one axle, but it should work. Can't help you with brakes.

Off road might mean finding a wrecked quad bike or something for a differential, but doing that might get you an engine etc. aswell

Where's the fun in that? Anyway, I'm going off-road but a quad is too big. I'm planning on riding my soon-to-be go-kart on some abandoned train-tracks converted to a path.

Good Idea I know someone that bought a near wrecked one, wimpy engine and beaten everything, put the engine from a ninja in it and built it up to be the most insane go kart I have ever been near or driven, well maybe not as crazy as the little 8hps in barry's all in a big concrete walled pit, on a damp day you can drift them, I hold records in lap time and the only person to crash hard enough to tip one right up, sadly due to the seating arrangement and my height I got a great big bruise right across my butt... Sorry went so far off topic there... I think that's a great idea because you could pick one up for next to nothing, look for a sturdy frame and working steering, the rest drops in around...

Another problem. if i have one axle at the back it will cause problems when i turn, or doesn't this matter.

Brakes I don't Know but I got a 6Hp Side shaft Honda is great, I got one for my go-cart you can buy them or get them off of worn out pressure washers.

I suspect that a decent set of brakes could be found on either an old motorbike or four bicycle disc brakes might do the job, don't bother with discs if you do that. You can use circular saw blades and wuite a few random objects of the description... The engine again could come from a motorbike or you could use a generator engine/compressor engine, the motorbike engine is likely to be powerful, even a 50cc would be alright and have a gearbox, a twist 'n go scooter would make it nice and easy, the compressor/generator engine would be cheap and reliable but lacking in any gearing/clutch mechanisms, they are however proven in go karts and you can get 5hp 8hp 10hp 12hp and 15hp commonly, A 3hp would be far too small though...

I want to get a real good cheap motor. I don't need a clutch with the motor because i will put a centrifugal clutch on. I don't want to spend too much money.

In that case a little 8hp genny motor would do alright, unless you did get an motorbike that had been a write off like a 125 that would give you brakes, gearbox/drive, engine and electricals. It all depends on what you find kicking about, hit a couple of scrapyards all the things mentioned could be found there...