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God source of black light LED's? Answered

I need some black ligt LED's for a couple of projects i need to make, I need a place to buy large quantity's, and for a reasonably cheap price. Any help?


This five different languages large number of articles about LED lighting
hope can help you


try united nuclear

try chinabuye, they have cheap led backlights there, and they ship it for free with a 1 year warranty,. they also use paypal as a secure process of payment.

You have to pray.

Getting really black LEDs isn't that easy. superbrightleds.com doesn't seem to go below 400nm, I couldn't find anything shorter on dealextreme.com either. If you do find anything under 350nm I'd like to know.


http://superbrightleds.com/leds.htm has 'good' deals and a good reputation. UV at 1.50 each 5mm 20ma

http://www.dealextreme.com is having a lot of website trouble, but I trust them and they have awesome prices/free shipping

I think http://www.dealextreme.com/products.dx/category.917 is what you want, again the server is really overloaded these last few days.

My favourite: Ebay seller ...I cant find them...they disappeared from my favourites list...They're the only ones I've ever had send me straw hat leds.

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http://myworld.ebay.ca/hktaiyuen/ has lots and lots.