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Good Nitendo DS games(action/rpg)? Answered

Hi everyone.
I am looking for the best action rpgs on the DS.
I have Chrono Trigger, some FFs, Dragon Quest and Pokemons.
Thanks in advance! :)


you can try kngdom hearts 358/2 days.

If you are up for a challenge, try the Megaman Zero collection

if anyone is asking im 12

It depends on how old you are. Younger people seem to like games such as Scriblenoughts. For teenagers (like me) i would suggest Pokemon (the greatest game ever produced by nintendo), Mariocart and/or Sims 2. Just stay away from the Robots game, that was horrible.

i like scribblenaughs man......
thanks for the info i have some pokemon games and mariokart.
dont really like sims
whats the robots game you mentioned?:L

Its a game of the animated movie "Robots". Follows the story of Rodney Copperbottom as he tries to become an inventor.
The game was just really bad and simple.

oh yeah!
omg i had that on PC....such lag!
any xbox360 rpg suggestions?(not fallout,mass effect or fable)

Oblivion, Dragon Age and Final Fantasy. There are many different RPG's. Oblivion is very similar to Fallout but it is one of my favorite games. Try googleing a list of rpg's on the xbox

oh, and is Dragon Age like really dark , or is it more of a varied landscape?


Personally, I think that Dragon Quest IX is the best rpg for the DS, but if you don't like that you should try The World Ends With You by Square Enix, and if that's not your thing, Try Mario and Luigi Brower's Inside Story.

I got Browsers Inside Story and I love it. :)

hi again,
i got dragon quest 9 and i dont know what to do after i visit the holy tree(like the very start of the game) what do i do? thnx