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Good Respirator for melting aluminum? Answered

What kind of respirator would be good for filtering the fumes from melting aluminum? Would a regular paint one work?



Best Answer 3 years ago

DO IT OUTSIDE. If you do it outside and keep around 10 ft away you will be fine.

I have a 55lb forge for aluminum and copper. I use it 5 times a week, it is away from the house, I just keep 10 ft or more away until it is close to being melted.

About half hour at 10psi. What you should be worried about is wearing the correct shoes, pants, apron ect. if you spill molten metal there is no stopping it. It will go thru leather and cloth in a split second. Also don't spill it on concrete, it can cause an explosion, concrete holds water, when molten metal contacts the water in concrete it will evaporate and cause it to fracture. But if you really want to wear a respirator buy a good one:


This one should be fine. Also get a face mask.

Safety, Safety, Safety


Answer 3 years ago

yeah outside would be best, Try a fan or fume extractor if you still feel uncomfortable!