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Good Software For Planning Builds Answered

Does anyone know any good software to help with planning builds? Any type of building type software or such, for small projects. I guess 3d modeling is probably what a lot of people use, but it seems like it has a steep learning curve from what I've seen. I was hoping maybe there is a much simpler modeling program out there for, example,  just throwing a quick box/chest together with dimensions etc. 


Many apps have free trials. Try Fusion 360 or Sketchup. They are both relatively inexpensive as long as you don't have to do CNC work.

have a look here



3 years ago

Sketch Up one of the easiest cad programs to learn to use also its free, and the Sketch Up Warehouse (which is also free) hold thousands of models from simple projects done by individuals, to complex commercial products again all free...you can be drawing a simple project in less then 10 mins and the learning curve on more complex ones is very low...check it out http://www.sketchup.com