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Good activities for a NGO? Answered

Hello !
Some friends want me to help them set up a NGO, they want to make conferences , showing documentaries and plan debates about them, go into other people conferences and "advertise" for the NGO ... But we are still looking for other activities that could appeal people which are not member of the NGO , bring them , make them want to be member , activities which could keep the members dynamic and good worker.

If you have ideas , I would be glad to hear them.

Thank you for reading



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I think the "activities" are strongly dependent upon exactly what subject your NGO is supposed to be advocating. Hunger? Anthropogenic climate change? Child- or sex trafficking? Equal rights for artificial intelligences?

Whatever you do to try to attract membership, you have to do it within the context of your organization and its mission. Going to gun shows to recruit membership in an anti-hunting organization isn't really the right approach.

Actually , it's about Politic , improving the feeling of Community belonging ... We are pretty much working on a lobby actually.

I thought we could work on a diner project with maybe a guest stars conference and maybe some entertainement like a cabaret , it would bring money , improve members dynamism ,bring interest to the non-members and make them want to join the network , but we need more idea

Basically "community organizing"? Okay, so do some research. Look for information on other community organizing groups, both in your area, and elsewhere in your country (the U.S.? Canada?).

Don't try to do some fancy fundraiser with celebrities and entertainment. Those things cost a lot, probably more than you're likely to raise in return. An established organization, with a solid base of donors, can do those sorts of things and probably make some money as a result.

You should be advertising in your local community. You should be organizing things like "town hall" meetings, maybe in coordination with the different churches/synagogues/temples (if you're religious).

You should look at your local community and find out what issues are important to them! (Look up "needs assessment" on Google to find out what I mean). The issues you think are important may not be the ones everyone else is worried about.

Once you've done a needs assessment, then you can organize recruitment activities focused on those needs.

Thank you very much for your help.

Actually , I live in north of France and I know some high rank celebrities who could come around for only the price of train ticket (actually , most of the time , they sell books so they earn more money then they would do staying at their home) , when I talked about bringing money with this projet , I talked about the fact people will have to pay for the diner (maybe 5 to 10 bucks) , we already have a base of members with different talents (they could use for the mini cabaret maybe and diner).
I'm not into high price activities , but I'm ok to invest a little bit of money and use all the members skill to make something great and easily get money from it

about the "town hall" meetings , yeah , it's already in our mind , we are looking for special events which have already been proved to work to bring newcomers/improve members dynamism/give money to the NGO/Make the NGO famous

Now, that is great! If you already know people who would participate without payment, then you've got a big jump. Good luck!

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