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Good bye my friends and subscribers Answered

Due the still ongoing problems with the last site update I decided to extend my "holidays" from this website.
Those who know me will also know that I always tried to asnwer questions to my projects quickly.
Same for all those seeking help in the community forum but I am simply not willing to waste more time searching and fixing than actually answering.

If things here change back to a usable forum and once user requests are at least considered by Autodesk feel free to ask me to come back.
Until then I will have to find other things to do with my time.
In the meantime I might still check on questions to my Instructables but not on a regular base.


I have not had much time for this site for more than a year, especially what used to be “Questions”. But I dropped by tonight and people who I don’t understand how their thought processes work are designing the site for people who I also don’t understand how their thought processes work. Of course this is not the first site about which I have had the thought “What were they thinking”? Oh well, I won’t feel badly about not participating. More time for a good read.

Did some checks by logging is as a guest and have to say the amount of spam in the form of utterly useless ads has gone out of control.
The search is worse than ever before.
Even the contest are messed up with winners that should not have made it into the finals to start with.
I really start to wonder what the people behind this website are thinking, if the do that weird stuff inside their brains during working hours at all....

What many people miss is that there is much more to contests that the contests themselves. People's reaction to the contest control their future handling and interaction with the site. Creators may start or stop posting as a result of results.

Whenever you think about voting in the contests, just remember people vote with their feet in response to them.

Me too unless they listen it has become hopeless to navigate through.

Nice to know I am not the only one. I used to follow the questions all the time but now hardly even bother looking at them. Ones that I have answered I can't even find again. I get email notices that something I was following had a response to but there is no way to find out what it was. The email link just goes to the main page. Now the views counter is stuck and never updates. I was going to make mention of it but I have no idea where to mention it since there are no seperate topics areas like there used to be, at least not that I have found.

With you now too it really seems that all those supporting the forum section the most are fed up.
The official handling of actual user requests and the results would make for a great comedy if it would not be so sad.

I am not too sure how hurtful to Autodesk not posting will be but it's pretty much all I have and I think in anyone's estimation the latest "Improvements" have made the site unusable, especially for those who dedicated a lot of time sharing knowledge and experience.

I have Emailed and they don't even bother to answer the points I made.

Oh I forgot, I am a user and so I don't matter !

I concur! The appis horrible it went from a wonderful and very usable tool to one of these cheap imitations of an app soley designed to sell advertising! I've used and published for over a decade now. This needs too be fixed pour I'm gone as well!!!

so are there any other sites like this one where we can easily share ideas and enter contests?

Unpopular changes like the ones that have driven you away have sent others away too. Alexa's site analytics show a pronounced trend of decline in popularity over the past year (and before if you look at recordings from times past).

On a personal level, I've seen the effects of these disastrous ideas hit too: I have posted hardly anything in the past year because of the dwindling returns I've seen. I did some figuring based on viewership/time and since last August, the average daily viewership of my instructables has been a ridiculous 0.31 views per day per project.

One view every three days is not encouragement, it's a compelling case not to bother.


3 months ago

Leave the staff a few more weeks to fix these problems ;)

As pointed out in the forum a few days ago here, there have been nice updates recently. And I guess it is not that easy to change the whole website, taking into account what both the staffs' members and the users want.

It was a bit difficult first ("where is the favorite button again?", "why are the pictures so big?"...), but now I am getting used to it, and I think there have been nice improvements.

I know it can take a long time to plan a new layout, code, debug, etc.

The thing that bothers me is that whenever there's a new update, I feel as if it has been done by someone who doesn't know and use the site. When the profile pages were updated (Oct. 2016 I think), they were awful, useless, and very frustrating. But now after so many of our suggestions, they look great!

I understand they don't want to make all of the changes at once, but going from something that we've had for years which does pretty much everything we want it to do, to a new update that almost no-one likes, and taking sooo long to update it confuses and bugs (no pun intended :) us over and over...

Shall I update you if/once everything becomes usable again? :)

That would be great but I doubt I will get your update before I reach the pension age.
And by then I might not be interested in answering questions that Google could answer in three seconds ;)

The users here will miss out and realise noone cares.
At this point they move on and find support in other places.
But since all these unanswered questions will still fill the Google searc hit lists all is good.
After all a few hundred people checking in the hopes for an answer still produce the same amount of ad revenue as a solved question with a grateful user that might come back....

Ad revenue?

Speaking of money I have an idea that I'm pretty sure could make Instructables several million $$ per year. Not kidding. At all. I might have to email service about the idea one day. But first I would prefer that they fix the bugs that we complain about all the time!

Totally understandable. I dread using the site these days, since the last update. Oh well. At least the options to post content online these days are as vast as ever.

True but how would new users know they won't get any support here anymore?
As said, every new question brings revenue in one way or the other ;)