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Good canoe tripping food? Answered

I am going on a canoe trip soon and want some ideas of cheap food you can buy that is lightweight.  I already have some of the food but would like more ideas. Thanks.


A good camping shop or site should be able to provide everything you need.

Personally I am not a fan of their dehydrated food for camping and prefer to use standard supermarket brands, noodles, rice, pasts, stock cubes and that sort of thing. Dried fruit and nuts give you your sugar and protein. chocolate bars good source of energy and comfort. Powered potatoes.

Just possibly a local military base may be able to help you out if you ask - they cycle their K rations round all the time. - May have a lot of tins though.


DON'T take tinned goods keep everything dry including clothes.


4 years ago

AFAIK  fish can be found already in the same water as the canoe.
What are you doing for light weight water ?

I know an individual that will not drink water because of fish.
Are you up on reverse osmosis mini pumps.

We could catch fish but we don't want to have to buy a license along with all the campsites we booked and not to mention the food and some small gear so no fish for us(:

Thanks for all the answers we are just going with regular supermarket food as we don't have a dehydrator and its overkill to buy mountain house for a four day trip and unfortunately there are no military bases anywhere near where I live):

And as for water we will just run lake water through a coffee filter then purify it with tablets

Lightweight? Really?

Folk I know who trip by canoe just stuff small barrels with food and supplies, then pile the barrels in their canoes. Weight isn't really an issue unless you're portaging the loaded canoe.

That would work great but we are going to be portaging and even though we have a cart we don't want to overload the canoe.

Ah, well in that case I would recommend plenty of dehydrated foods (stored in dry bags); soups, stews, noodles etc, as long as you have a source of clean water.