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Good dead Macbook Pro Instructable ideas? Answered

Look, I am just not handy and practical minded but I am looking for good ideas? I have an old Macbook Pro that I am using for spares and one thing I would like to do is to make use of the the casing, (base and broken screen) and it would be great to use it for something practical and stylish, so any ideas? I wondered about the practicality of somehow making it into a speaker system for starters, but no idea how to do it! So come on folks, get your creative minds round it and come up with some fantastic ideas.



Door stop. Very little else is going to work for you without some electronics knowledge and or trickery.


Digital picture frame
Extract the hard drive as an external
Sell for spares make sure you wipe or destroy the HD.


5 years ago

Thanks for all who have commented. I am salvaging quite bit of the laptop and I just thought I might be able to do something with the case, but it doesn't look like it. Cheers

what model is it? I have an early 2009 and was looking for some spare casing (I want to try anodizing it some awesome color/style but didn't want to try it on what case I have left [the bottom half is almost falling off...], as well as possibly adding some LED mods and a fingerprint reader...)

Anyways, hope you can find something awesome to do with it!!

I don't know off hand what model it is but I have got some ideas now of what I can do with it. I am interested in using some of it to make a slide/negative carrier to make scanning slides and negatives easier with my DSLR camera.

Awesome! Just for reference, anything white/black plastic is 80% likely to be a Macbook (not a Pro), almost anything made of aluminum is a Macbook Pro (there was one Macbook model made of aluminum, a 13"). Anything with the CD drive in the front of the laptop is a Pre-Unibody macbook pro, and anything with the CD drive on the side is a Unibody Macbook Pro. Anything without a CD drive is a Retina display macbook pro.

My model is a late 2008/early 2009 model, the only Unibody model with a split bottom to remove the battery.
I realize now I spent way too much time on ebay looking at old macs to buy....
Anyways, mac laptop lesson of the day!

I have found out what it is, a MacBook Pro 15.4" June,2007. I got it for spares and want to use as much of it as I can and their are some pretty good ideas around instructables but if there are any recommendations/ideas that anyone has I would live to know them. My main reason for getting it ws to replace my keyboard so I will have an old useless keyboard to recycle.