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Good free backup software? Answered

I'm feeling that Windows Backup is very inadequate. Do you know of any good, reliable, free backup software that I can use? Preferrably for Windows XP. Thanks in advance Thermo.


I use Dropbox to backup only certain files. It is really fast and I am even able to access my files from my iPod Touch when I'm not home.

Well, I would rather something that puts it into one file. Although just copying the files might suffice.

If you're happy to write your own batch files,Robocopy is pretty good for quick and easy backups. I use it all the time both scheduled and from an icon.
It's a Microsoft command line utility (standing for Robust Copy) which was shipped with a resource kit, but is easily available.

I tried using Robocopy, but when I tried copying My Documents, It only copied the files, not the folders, Have I done something wrong?

You need to specify the directory name not the files, so 'robocopy source destination', not 'robocopy source\*.* destination'.

I use the command 'robocopy f: d:\Cruzer2 /mir' to backup my memory stick (F:) to the directory cruzer2 on my D: drive. Mirror will take a full copy and delete any files in the backup which have been deleted in the original.

Tye in 'robocopy' on it's own for simple use, or 'robocopy /?' for all the possible parameters (there are LOTS of them). Output this to a file with 'robocopy /? help.txt'.

I'm using the GUI version though. Do I have to go into cmd to do it?

I didn't know there was a GUI version!
I use robocopy.exe from the command line.

:-P. See the top of this article, It gives you the .exe GUI version. It's called UtilitySpotlight2006_11.exe

Hmm, That looks interesting. I'll look into it a bit more before I start using it though...