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Good knex guns? Answered

Alright, whenever i find a cool knex gun and I make it im happy and I pull it back to shoot.........and it doesnt.... or the ram breaks etc....  can some people please post some good guns here.   That would be great (currently i have oblivitus' beast pistol which actually works! :))


KFSA - knexfreek
TR18 - killerk
Z35 - oblivitus
NAR - oodalumps

knexer's to look at:

(the ones above) and....
and more!!


 Not a Rectangle by Oodalumps. I. www.knexinnovation.net  it features an unbreakable front, I smashed it with a hammer! you can stack bands and the ram will not go flimsy becuse of a piece keeping the ram straight,  and all the power from the ram actually goes into the bullet. Three Problems. Flimsy stock, stacking mroe than 6 bands hurts your hand and single shot. Up to 160 feet.

Never-mind my MAR.
My MBAR is better.

Search knex and then sort by rating. Choose what you like

The Hellslayer by KnexFreek is a lot of fun :P it has a 10x2 round clip, shoots 2 shots at once, doesn't use too many pieces, and 'cos the pins only go out halfway, you can stack a lot of power on 'em without them bending :P

I have 2 of them :D:D

Thankyou!!!!!!! Omg wow :)

-Kev    :)

The gun is also weaker cos the pins only go out halfway, but whatever.

Well technically you're right, but then again you're wrong, because although you only get half as much power from one rubberband, because the pin only goes out halfway, you can fix MANY more rubberbands on, and also the gun is long enough that you can stretch out the rubberbands to near full stretch anyway, resulting in a total force of maybe 75% of what a full-pin gun might get per band. I've tested this using TheDunkis Oodammo Assault Pistol. With one band set (two red postal rubberbands linked together, my default set), the pistol is more powerful (13m range as opposed to 8), BUT it can only take 2 band sets normally, or 3 if i hold the pin straight. The crossbow however, currently has FOUR sets of rubberbands on it, and can currently hit the fence at the back of my backyard dead on (~20m away). So which is a better system, do you think?

If you use a pin guide, you can stack on even more bands than your method.

Which isn't possible to do with pistols or at least it wouldn't be very practical.

A monorail has been done before with pistols.  I've done one, Mykhalio has done one, etc.

The assasin is awesome. so is the hellslayer!

Try my MAR. It's actual semi-auto and doesn't use a ram rod.

Build my CS3, or my Ultra Pistol 2 when I release it.

The last 4 knex ibles I made.

There are a lot that work. Check out my ibles. Wait for other people to reply and just look at their ibles. Pretty much a good majority of guns worth building were made by people still active.