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Good knex semi auto? Answered

looking for good semi auto knex gun. have searched all over. cant be a rubberband or psuedo semi auto. must shoot far
has to be less parts than
100 half moon
20 snowflake
40 orange 2 siders
10 blue stubs
70 grey 1 siders
30 green
70 grey long
60 white
50 yellow
80 red
50  blue
90 green
20 of each ball socket type
40 blue spacers
20 grey spacers
20 tan clips
30 of the little black hands


WASP(war assault semi automatic pistol on knex innovation is the best one, but I don't know if it conforms to your parts list. It requires an 18 shot turret, but other than that you shouldn't have a problem with pieces. Shoots 50 ft. Completely semi auto

now have more than 50000 pieces ad can build anything

There isn't a lot of semi-auto guns out there, i recomend making your own! think of mechanisims with hinges, gears, and things that snap!

I'm sorry, there aren't much semi-automatic knex guns, that shoot far. The most of them shoot only 25 feet max. I don't think there is a semi-automatic gun that shoots far AND have a low piececount. Sorry D: