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Good nes, snes, gbc, or gba games? Answered

Does anyone have any really good games for the nintendo, super nintendo, gameboy colour, or gameboy advanced games that i should buy? i really like rpgs, but any type will work. (im not asking to buy them from u if ur thinking that haha)


serisosly, Pokemon is what you want, it is THE BEST RPG!

For gameboy advance:

- Fire emblem
- fire emblem: the sacred stones
- Metroid fusion
- The legend of Zelda: The minish cap
- Super Mario Advanced 3: Yoshi's island
- Super Mario Advanced 2: Super Mario World


- Super Metroid
- Earthbound

There have been a lot of really good NES and SNES games, and it sounds like most have already been listed.

Now for the GBA games, I would recommend the Megaman Zero Series.  They are fast paced and challenging to play.  Also it would probably be worth looking into Metroid 2.  That will also play on the GBC.

 agreed for the Secret of Mana.

any zelda game (not on CDI :P) and i wouldnt recommend metal gear for the NES unless you get the japanese version


8 years ago

I have Kirby tilt 'n' tumble for the gameboy color, but I play it on the gameboy advance sp. In that game, you tilt the game boy to move Kirby, so tilting right goes right and tilting left goes left and so on. On the gameboy sp, tilting left goes right and tilting left goes left, so it gets annoying. once you get used to it its a great game though!

Any of the Zelda games for any platform
Any of the Final Fantasy games, but especially #1 (NES)
Any of the Mario games
Strider (NES)
Mike Tyson's Punch-Out (NES)
Metal Gear (NES)
Golden Sun (GBA)
Fire Emblem (GBA)

You will notice that there is a lot of overlap between my list and what frollard already posted. This is not an accident, these really are the best of the Nintendo games. (OK, maybe not Strider, but I loved it back in the day).

Sim city (snes)
Secret of mana (snes) adventure rpgish
mario kart (snes)
Mario all stars (snes) -- mario 1 2 3 for nes

Recommended by my wife:
 Golden Sun 1+2 is a great rpg.
 Zelda oracle of Ages and Seasons are good ones.
 Fire Emblem, and Fire Emblem: Sacred Stones are pretty good, although Sacred Stones is fairly short.
 Remakes of SNES or older games for portable:
  Breath of Fire 1+2,
 Final fantasy 1, 2/4, 3/6
Dragon warrior 3