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Good news for International Authors! Answered

If you don't live in the US, Canada-minus-Quebec, US, UK, Australia, Belgium, Canada (excluding Quebec), China, Colombia, Denmark, Germany, India, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, or Switzerland, (keep an eye on THIS PAGE for updates) and have been bummed that we can't yet open contests for your country, I've got some great news for you!

We're going to give you gifts!  Here's how it works.

Editors' Pick gifts
Our editors will scan the site for particularly excellent Instructables from international authors.  This way we can tell you we think your project is awesome, even if you don't get a ton of pageviews within the first month.  The number of editors' picks gifts will vary every month, depending on the number of amazing international projects we see.

The legal reasoning: while there are all sorts of stringent and varied laws governing contests around the world, the lawyers say we can send you non-contest-related gifts without fear of fines and imprisonment.  Thus, while we're waiting for the lawyers to figure out the wacky legal details for each country, we're identifying the most popular projects each month and sending along a thank-you gift.  Which is a gift, NOT a prize.  Ahem.

We desperately want to be able open contests up to the entire world, and are working as fast as we can to make it happen.  (See Eric's post here.)  I realize this isn't the same as being able to enter contests, but this is our attempt to make the wait a bit more pleasant, and let you guys know you're top on our minds.


if i win the prize, will you send me a prize to Georgia,Tbilisi?

You will need a friend or relation in a valid country, willing to let you give their address for prize delivery, should you win.

how can i help my country to be elegible??

Please help me out.
I do not understand it correctly.
I live in Brazil and I'm currently participating in a important contest.
If I win the contest, I can not get the prize?


Daniel Domingos

I'm glad to hear it! Hopefully Brazil will be able to receive gifts! I could redeem one prize I got,, but no. T.T

Gift received in Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Thanks guys!

Received with love! Thank you Instructables for this wonderful gift! I love it! :D Cheers, Alberta (Singapore)


Where can we read the Authors Newsletter?

Im a little confused...

"Every month, we're going to sort new projects in each category by Instructables view count. For each category, we'll send a gift to the author who:
- isn't from the US or Canada-minus-Quebec (ie, isn't allowed to win contests yet; will update this as we add countries)
- has the highest number of project pageviews among international authors

What does projects in each cateogary by view count mean?
And what does the highest number of page views mean?

That's the Instructable posted in "Food" that has the greatest number of views in (say) September, the Instructable posted in "Living" that has the greatest number of views in (say) September... etc.

So does "isn't from the US or Canada-minus-Quebec (ie, isn't allowed to win contests yet; will update this as we add countries) D" mean that any international ibler who posts ibles gets gifts?

As long as they get a lot of people looking at their projects, yes.

The top-ranked project by an international author, ranked by pageview numbers, gets the gift!

Good luck, I hope your Instructables do well so we can send you something. ;)

Are you sure such statements are wise? "If you meet this quantifiable, objective bar we will send you something" does not sound particularly like a gift.

Wait a min...does this apply only for new ibles or even for older ibles?

New Instructables - this is going to be a monthly thing. We're trying to identify good Instructables that might have won a contest if they were geographically eligible.

I have a question, wich is the process to identify the international author who may be elected

Has it started for this month?

So does this mean that this ible :

Will be counted for this month?

And it can be photo or video ibles as well right?

Hey, don't knock it - anything we can snatch from under the vultures' claws lawyers' grasp has got to be a good thing.

I know, right?

But it's a legal definition. I'm looking for ways to reward excellent Instructables that would potentially have a good chance to win contest prizes (if they were allowed in), and this is a reasonable approximation. But agreed, the word choice seems weird. Because it IS weird.

Thanks Canida!!!! :-) And greetings from Bogota, Colombia!!!!

You're welcome! We're doing the best we can - hopefully Colombia will be eligible soon.


6 years ago

Thanks for this! I think I'm just too dim to understand laws... You can send a _gift_ to the person who attracts the most views for a project, but you can't send a _prize_ to the person who makes the best project? I can't find any logic in it, really. It must have something to do with a contest being judged, I guess...

Sheesh, I'm SO GLAD I'm a Maker, not a lawyer...

Please do read Eric's posting on this subject, along with the comments there, especially those from Canida.

Contest rules seem to be an absurdly complicated area of regulation, with horrendous differences and obstacles from country to country. Presumably, this grew out of each country trying to protect their citizens from whatever mix of shysters (non-lawyer shysters, of course) happened to be running local scams. But it seems to make life difficult, if not impossible, in this era of international online communities.

I posted replies like a madman on that topic. Although Christy, Eric and the bunch work hard on a very righteous and politically correct solution, they still slam the door in front of thousands of registered (and even paying) users.

Eric's posting was the inspiration for my brand new avatar :-D...



Unfortunately, they're not being politically, they're being forced to be legally correct.

You're right, I mixed up the words legally and politically.

If you were forced to choose between being legally correct and leave out thousands of (paying) members, what would you do?

I'm in a bad mood about all this. Probably because of the great contests that are running now, and me being left out. Insert an obstruction to the be-nice-rule here...

When Instructables was independent, it only had a corporate presence in California, so could get away with ignoring international rules, because they weren't in the other countries' jurisdiction (like you don't need to bother with British rules on intoxicating herbs).

Now they are part of Autodesk, and Autodesk has corporate presences in most countries (even if it's just a sales desk), they have to follow al those local rules (like you would have to follow British laws if you wanted to post recreational herbs to a family member in the UK).

Hey, just curious as to where you read that? I'm not doubting, but Eric has said elsewhere that Instructables was specifically violating the law with past contests...

I think I just said that, but in different words - Instructables was (apparently) breaking UK law, but doing so safely, because (if UK authorities ever noticed) it would have been too much effort & cost to attempt to get Eric extradited to the UK in order to face a prosecution that would have resulted in a fine.

Now, they wouldn't have to extradite anybody, just summons an Autodesk representative already working over here (probably not Penfold Plant, though).

Ah! I see; you're saying the risk of enforcement has now dramatically risen, not that the legality of their actions has changed. >nods<

Since this is the longest thread... reread, as I made some mods. We're now giving away more gifts as editors' picks to those who may have posted something awesome but not gotten a ton of pageviews.

:-) You're sweet!

I just wondered: Will a collaboration (between, say, a Russian and American author) be eligible for a contest?

I would say "yes", and if the main author was already in a position to enter legitimately, I would say "absolutely".

But how would you split a grand prize?

Oh, that's easy: One gets the jellyfish, and the other the bowl :-)

But seriously, uhm... splitting the prize is entirely up to the authors, I think.

Yes, we look at the primary author. They may choose what to do with the prize.

(I've been wondering how they plan to post a jellyfish to the UK or Australia...)