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Good project books Answered

My birthday's coming up and I'm probably going to ask for books. I want to know of any interesting or funny books you guys know about. Preferable nonfiction that have a lot of interesting projects or how to knowledge. Thanks for your help.


Bank Shot, Donald E. Westlake

Must read a book called Backyard Ballistics, its awesome, but a little complex for me.

Have you checked out Simple Bots?  Basic, beginner electronics, though not much in the lines of ballistics! 

Lots to choose from, but I would AVOID most of the "evil genius" series and many of the MAD Science(scientist) books that deal with both advanced subjects and, many times, "parts" etc that can only be gotten easily through the authors.

I'm fifth-teen years old and interested mostly in beginner electronic projects and various ballistic devices. I've read most of Gurstelle's books and I'm asking for the new one. I havent heard of NA Dowie though.

Look for books by William Gurstelle or NA Dowie.

Lots of hands-on stuff, a lot of which you can justify by calling it "educational" (especially the Dowie books).

We need to know how old are you. What are your skills? What interest you?