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Good reflow solder station? Answered


I am looking to get  a hot air reflow solder station. It will be used to mainly repair cracked solder joints on SMD-filled boards. As I gain skill I would like to start soldering SMD. I digress; does anyone know of a good entry-level hot air reflow solder station I should get? Preferably a digital one, and one that does not have the added soldering iron (already have a soldering iron....). Any advice/suggestions on what to buy is greatly appreciated. 


Did you look through the related links to the right? Perhaps the way this instructable did it will suit your needs for entry level?

I'm not sure those are exactly right for his longer term plans. A homebrew station is great for repairs or or small rework (replace a fried cap).

It sounds like he wants to be able to move up to fabbing complete boards from scratch, without having to change equipment, and I'm not confident that the related's are up to that task (unless you've already got the skills).

I have seen the Aoyue 968 and the Aoyue 2702A+. Those stations look to be along the lines of what I am looking for, but if there is an awesome, must-get station that is more expensive, I am willing to pay more.