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Good sites to watch Premier League, World Cup and Champions League football videos and highlights? Answered

Do you guys know any good  football sites to go to and watch Premier League, World Cup and Champions League football videos and  football games highlights?

I wanna watch some football videos of  Premier League and Champions League and  football videos compilations and, since the World Cup starts this week, I 'll probably also want to watch World Cup football videos with the latest games and highlights.

So if you have some suggestions on good sites to watch Premier League, World Cup and Champions League football videos that you also use, do share them with me.



Best Answer 8 years ago

Well, yeah you do have two options here, the way I see it.

You can probably try to stream and watch football videos from these football video sites directly on the cell phone or iphone or whatever but it might not work as smooth as you have expected plus you need a good phone, with a decent screen and of course constant internet connection or at least some wi fi around you.

The other option would be to record, download and save football videos with the help of some video downloader app which can work with these football websites.

If you wanna try the second option, Tunebite Football Internet Video Downloader and Recorder should help you download, convert and save football videos from a lot of football video websites in good quality for the iphone or cell phone or whatever devices you'd like to watch football videos on.

Anyways, take a look at thisTunebite Football Internet Video Downloader and Recorder app yourself and see if you find it interesting

Ok so I've taken a quick look at that tunebite football internet video downloader and recorder. Used it to save some football videos from a couple of football sites you guys mentioned and seems to do a pretty good job plus I saw that besides being able to download football videos, this one can also convert football videos for cell phone or pc so it should be pretty efficient. I still have to check out some football videos and to see what good football videos they have, but thanks a lot again for helping me and for suggesting these football video sites, I think I'm gonna make a pretty good selection of football sites where to watch all the football videos and football video highlights I want.

Hmm, yeah you might be right.

I guess it depends on the circumstances, if you have wi-fi round the house than there should be no problem to stream and watch football videos directly on the phone.

Although your idea to download and save football videos from these football video sites is pretty interesting as well, this one saves you a lot of trouble especially if you don't have an internet connection available on the iphone at the moment you wanna watch football videos on a specific football site.

I suppose I can also check out that Tunebite Football Internet Video Downloader and Recorder, after I take a closer look at the football sites mentioned by the guys round here.

Redstream are sport streaming website extremely reliable and the links are constantly checked. This website is very easy to use and has nothing more than what you would need in a streaming website.

Try the following site for good coverage HD Free


Oh, this is around 6 years but English Premiere league is once again starting and the right time comes to tune in to the standings and never miss every action in the field. I'm heading for Manchester United at this time not only because of their great performance in the Champions League but also because of Pogba's return which has been noted as the biggest transfer in the history so far.


8 years ago

Wow, there are many football websites where you can find any football matches from any league, world cup or soever. Anyway, since you're talking here about football matches, have you ever thought how to record and download some of those football videos from the websites you're talking about. Or much more have you already downloaded or recorded football videos?

Because I saw some very interesting football videos on some of those websites and I'd like to have them on my pc or even on my iPhone if possible to show them to my colleagues

Well, hmm dunno if you can save football videos from these football websites. Maybe some of these football sites also let you download and save football videos from them plus you can also try to stream and watch football videos from these football sites directly on your iPhone, of course if you have some internet connection set up on it.


8 years ago

Well, this is a good question because the World Cup is about to start... I used to watch highlights and even football matches, because there are live streamed, from Champions League, Premier League and even Bundesliga on some football websites like:

footballvids.org, footie-tube.com and footytube.com

All of them are very interesting because as I said there are even matches which are live streamed so I'd rather watch football matches online than at tv.

Yeah, that might be an interesting thought to watch live video streaming of football games on the pc rather than sitting in front of the tv. Thanks for your suggestion on these football sites where you watch Premier League, World Cup and Champions League football videos and football games highlights, I've taken already a look at footytube. Seems a pretty good football video sites, since they seem to have tons of football videos.


8 years ago

Here's where I watch matches and important goals:





Those are pretty nice, if you are a big football fan, you'll see there almost all the football videos that's most interesting and important.
And if want to be update to some football boots (as I am), you could take a look at this website, too, you'll find some nice videos there too, just for fun:


lool, thanks, I'll also keep in mind that suggestion related to football boots, but anyways at the moment I am more interested in football websites that have football videos and other such stuff..

For highlights, you could use just youtube.com, but, honestly, I don't like youtube.com so much to watch football videos, especially the matches from Champions League or much more from World Cup, because most of the time on youtube, as I've already said, you find only highlights or the most important goals of matches. Unlike youtube.com, on those specific football websites you'll find live matches, too, because most of them can stream live matches, especially now when the World Cup is about to start. I do like to watch football matches online because I none can disturb me when watching footballs. Here are some of those football websites, maybe you'll find them useful as myself... mysoccerplace.net, videosoccer.net, givemefootball.com, oleole.com, soccerclips.net. And if you like to bet on football matches, then you'll find on those football websites some live scores... ;)

that oleole football website looks pretty interesting, I also noticed that they have live video streaming, nice! Thanks for the suggestions I'll look at all these football sites and see what kind of football videos they have.

Yeah, I think also you could find football videos on youtube but it's always better to go to some football oriented websites since these, as already mentioned, can offer you besides the possibility to watch football streaming videos, news, highlights and even live scores. I supposes these football sites would also be interesting for you: goalvideoz.com; video.football.co.uk ; goalsarena.com. There are a couple more football sites I use but I don't recall exactly the address. Will have to get back to you on this.

yeah, of course I also knew I could watch Premier League, World Cup and Champions League football videos on youtube, but it would be better of course if I can also read some football news and take a look at some live scores; so if these football websites mentioned by you guys also have besides football videos, news, live scores etc it's for the best.

Yeah, mightyfootball is pretty interesting, definitely should take it into consideration to watch Premier League, World Cup and Champions League football videos and football highlights on it, I also use it. And it also has live football video streaming, which should be a plus. Footballtube.com, Footballwired.com, Timesoccer.com should also be useful for you to find the Premier League, World Cup and Champions League football videos you need to watch. Fotballtube mainly has football videos, so if you also want news and live scores, might not be among the top choices of football sites.

Where are you - in the UK BBC Iplayer - or you may be able to organise a proxy if outside the Uk.