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Good starter programming language? Answered

I've got a friend who wants to learn some computer programming, to make things like games. Does anyone have a suggestion? A language that's easy to do simple stuff with, and maybe some medium stuff would be nice.


I would recommend first trying BASIC. there is a book called Beginning Programming For Dummies in Liberty Basic which teaches you all of the basic stuff. Then I would recommend moving onto an object oriented language such as JAVA (I think that Dummies also has a book on this) or move onto C and/or C++.

If your friend is just starting with programming, he should use Alice; this isn't really a language but more of a program made for beginners in programming, for it lets you make simple games, video clips (animated), etc.

Details are at www.alice.org

I am 12 and started on C#, I tried basic but I just couldnt get my head around it. Have fun programming!

In my opnion definetly try out Visual Basic. Im only 14 but i started programming around 11. I started with Visual Basic 6 and i would make legit hacks for a game called WarRock. I was impressed i never thought i could actually create hacks for a real First Person Shooter game. Its alot of fun and after learning Visual Basic you can probablly move on to harder things such as C+ and C#, also used for making game hacks. Its alot of fun and you can make a lot of programs using visual basic. You can get Visual Basic 2008 full trial for free im pretty sure.