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Goodbye to Instructables Answered

Thanks for all the people that have supported me with my robots builds over the years and offered some very encouraging comments. I am always willing to help out with ideas where I can and will continue building things for many years to come.
Unfortunately a few individuals have chosen to target me and my work taking my work and calling it their own. The work they are using is clearly being lifted directly from this site. This leaves me with no choice but to delete my account. For those that are interested I am sure you have already visited my website where you will be able to keep up to date with my work.


I think this shows the frustration of being a small individual with no real backup.
Let's face it: finding your work stolen is bad enough but most people I know would seriously struggle with the required steps to make sucessfull DMCA notices or just to request a takedown.
Seing that long standing members now give up because of piracy is very disappointing for everyone.
I said it before and will say it again: It is in the best interest of Instructables to actively help members with this sort of problem.
What is more impressive?
A few individuals trying to convince a dubious site to delete the stolen work one by one or a nice letter from Autodesk lawyers requesting the takedown off all stolen content with the addition of leagal actions taken if not done immediately?

Autodesk has created a huge platform here and certainly makes some good money with it too, even if it is not the official policy there must be much more that can be done than telling users to ask for a takedown notice....
You not just disappoint the user, you might actually loose the user and as we see in this example all his work as well - can that be in the interest of this site?

Although I am sympathetic to the author here (and have similar experiences), there is actually nothing that the site staff can do to prevent the piracy of the content without shutting the site tight behind a paywall, and forcing all members to hand over their intellectual property rights to the site.

> Instructables staff do not have time to scour the internet looking for pirated versions of the 130k+ projects on this site. Try looking for copies of your own work - it takes hours.

> Legally, they can do nothing anyway - the content belongs to the author, and only the author is, er, authorised to issue a takedown notice. It's not just "trying to convince", a DMCA notice is legally enforceable.

> The vast majority of projects are not stolen by other users (though there are many reblogging click-bait sites that scrape the feed). It is much more likely to find a member here posting a project they have stolen from another site.

I really don't think Instructables staff can do anything in these situations. In most cases, it really isn't that difficult to request your information to be taken down. Check out this forum post from a while back. A user had uploaded pdfs of over 20 instructables to their profile. In this case, the site's policy is that the content creator had to file the complaint, and the site had a link for alerting them to any infringement. I personally PM'd each member to inform them, but the entire profile was removed after the first person followed the link provided and alerted the site.

Don't get me wrong but it sound like this website is happy with the money made through the ads.
The members projects make the site so popular - it should be in the insterst of this website to protect the content instead of pointing the finger on the affected user.
Take this example:


A simple Google search results in lots of copies, sure some will have the authors consent but most won't.




The list goes on and I can repeat this for basically every popular Instructable here :(
To add to the confusing we also have collection places like this:


Sure they clearly state where it is coming from but still....

I might be thinking wrong here as I am just a simple user but just in the interest of money through ads I would prefer not to see copies from my website spreading all over the net....
So why exactly is Instructables so happy to get more Instructables but so unwilling to protect the websites content?
The user does get a pro membership for a featured Ible and can win a contest but is that seen as the compensation for making the user protect his work that was stolen from here? ;)
I am surePodpadstudios would have appreciated the help to protect his work and would be a "happy camper" today...


I had my one of my instructables turned into a youtube video

he didn't even bother to download the pictures he just took screenshots of his browser

so i said he stole it and he removed it

You can send the website hosting the offender a "take down notice", get them removed.

Clearly the terrorists have won. Your work on ibles should stand as proof you were on Mt Everest first. If they have already taken the images the damage is done and you should seek to address the issue where they have decided to post it.

I can't say I have been in the same situation as you but I know that the internet is a big place where I would laugh at someone trying to use my ideas to make a profit but know full well imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Good luck whatever you decide to do.

and btw, I think the skill and craftsmanship that was put into your projects would be extremely difficult to reproduce, let alone pass as another maker's work.