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Why Do People have(had) Birds in there avatar? Answered



Thanks saying unneceassary is very unecessary

What? My avatar is as it always is.. same colour... came shape..

Given that your avatar colour is blue and your name is what it is, I think you should have a blue J. Not a "bluejay", a
<font color=#0000ff>J</color>.

But that's just because I love puns.

lol that's funny but what is a pun?

I am not clicking that link.(besides the wiki article does not clear anything up anyways.)

As you've seen, you really had nothing to fear! I think your idea falls into the same category as overunity engines...

Haha, I'm just kidding dude.

HOW COULD YOU! lol i knew that...of course i did...

That's funny, because dictionary.com, mirriam-webster.com and thefreedictionary.com all have it.

Actually RC, you're right - it isn't in there. Another one that isn't in there is "gullible", believe it or not - check and see!

Oh, yes. You have much win(d). Breaking like a wave.

Would the J not need to be white in order to follow my branding style?

What? the outside line is the same shape it always is..

Or...the shape on the inside...

Ah i see! Its an & in italics.

Topologically equivalent, in fact.

Only three birds are subscribed to me! I never would have noticed it without this post!

This conversation reminds me about a sketch I saw on TV about a bunch of guys discussing the size of their decks O_o

I'm sorry, but...

How does that remotly remind you of this? (If it's innapropiate, don't bother.)
((I meant if the explanation was innapropiate, I know what you meant by decks))
(((Unless they were fishermen, or a ship captain)))
((((In that case, I'd still understand))))

How are you not seeing that bit? Two people talking about the number of birds they have, it's the same concept of one upmanship...

or the size of their particular bird....it just depends on the particular innuendo one is thinking of at the time. . .

The group was Foxworthy, Bill Engval, Larry the Cable Guy, and Drew Carey. And yes, they could have subbed bird instead of deck and still kept it completely innocent.....sounding

What bird...Also why do you have so much whitespace in there?