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Google Account Password Doesnt Work??? Answered

Hi all. I am having a BIG problem with my google account. I cannot log in! So, what I did, was I changed the password and that worked. Well, next time I tried to log in, it didnt work AGAIN! WTH??? Is my pass not getting stored in googles database or something? What can I do? I tried calling them only to get NOTHING!!! I spent like.. 7 minutes on it since I had better things to do like write this, but.. I doubt I would have gotten a person. So.. what should I do?


Websearch "google password reset" to find


Meanwhile, check whether your caps-lock key was set when you typed the password originally, or is set now. Try guessing how you might have misspelled your password -- dropped letters, exchanged letters, repeated letters. Try typing the password quickly; sometimes your hands will remember what you entered even if it isn't what you meant to enter. But be aware that trying too many guesses in a short time is likely to trigger a lock-out (standard security precaution to block folks from trying to brute-force their way through a password), in which case you will probably have to go through the password recovery path anyway.

No.. i'm 100 percent sue I had it right. I had to change the pass TWICE today already. This is crazy! PLEASE HELP!

If it was right, you'd be logged on. Obviously it isn't. Sorry, but this one is up to you and Google.

Reset it again, CAREFULLY.. One keystroke at a time.

If that still doesn't work, get a friend to help you with it, since you're obviously doing something wrong.

If you don't have any friends, get Google to help you with it.

I'm not going to offer to type the password in for you, both because you don't want me knowing your password and because it's Google's product and Google's support responsibility.

Dude, I am typing it right. Not to be rude, but I don't think you understand my problem. I have made sure that it's all typed right.

If it's REALLY all typed right, then only Google can help you because that would mean there's a software bug. Unless you've got malware running on your computer which is garbling what you're typing -- extremely unlikely since you can successfully log in here.

Contact Google. Try e-mail to them. If that doesn't work, resign yourself to sitting on the phone until they answer. Sorry, but you've left only that one answer as possible.

ok. thanks for the help. I am just goint to make a new account.. google doesnt answer the phone.

Maybe it's simply an omen telling you not to get a Google account.

Why are you asking for technical-support here?
(Why not Google-it?)


idk... anyway.. I still need help.

Did you click that link?


the same thing keeps happening to me for some reason