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Google Sketchup HELP needed for completed Garden Arbor project Answered

Is there anyone in instructable-land who is profficient with the google sketchup program? I could really use some help with a Garden Wedding Arbor I built.

The project is finished and the design is fairly simple, but I think a comprehensive sketch will make it easier for people to follow and to build.

Please let me know if you can help asap. The Wedding challenge ends soon and mama wants a kitchenaid blender! 




Oops! I have given you a slight misdirection here. The user I was thinking of was SFHandyman, not Phil B (note the space in his username!). Phil has done a large number of outstanding I'bles, but not on SketchUp.

In any event, I think you had your immediate problem solved by Steve over in Answers.

You might try sending a PM to user PhilB. He's done some awesome SketchUp I'bles in the past.

Failing that, you could, perhaps, use the I'bles search box and type in "SketchUp" to see which users show up most frequently. The appalling lack of any sort or filter capability makes that more effort than it might be worth :-(

Good luck!