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Gorgeous retrofitted LED pocket watch Answered

Take a look at this pocket watch , modified by the author from an old non-working pocket watch he inherited from his grandfather who was a master watchmaker.  Clearly the grandson inherited the skills!  This is absolutely beautiful.  Make sure to watch the video of it in operation.


 I own a Zeon Solsuno wrist watch, that does this exact same thing.Its an amazing watch and I love it. RRP £300, I picked mine up forabout £35 on ebay. 

Most impressive that he soldered all that. For anyone wanting a remake,the Solsuno is easily the best option.

As for pocket watches I will stick with my limited edition doctor whoFob watch.

That watch looks great! It must have taken a long time, and a steadyhand to solder. By the way, the Solsuno also looks pretty good. I wish Icould find one on ebay that cheap....


8 years ago

That is an amazing piece of work- I'm sure his grandfather would be veryproud indeed. I especially like the way the stem/crown is incorporatedinto the electronics.