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Gorilla tape Answered

This may sound random, but I am super psyched about the gorilla tape that I purchased today! This stuff is technologically superior to any tape ever invented, and I can't wait to use it. If anyone wants to join a group about gorilla tape and how useful it is, I'd be glad to start one.


do you think that gorilla tape will work to patch a pool liner??

Yeah I love that stuff! If you use enough you could definitely use it to hang up a hammock in your room, it's stickier than duck tape and I've seen people taped to the ceiling with duck tape!

does any one know how this gorilla tape works when it's cold out side? I live in Canada and this tape won't stick to anything when it's cold

i used gorilla tape to fix a hole in the bottom of my canoe

that is really sick. i used it to patch up a sleeping mat.

aesome!, may i inquire about the origin of this hole?

on the sleeping mat? the hole came from a fish hook. luckily, the hook got stuck in the mat, so not too much air leaked. i was able to put on a square of tape and then use hot wax to seal the edges to the mat.

ohhhh, this is a air mat we are talking about lol i was thinking of the roll-up foam kind. yea, you gotta watch out for those fishhook, especially in carpet!

my mat is a roll-up foam one because they don't get punctures, and they serve other purposes too. this mat was my friend's.

oh, same here lol well, actually depends on the time of year. cold weather its tent/sleeping bag/pad warm weather its this hammock thing i got from my grandpa, he used it during WW2

i love sleeping in hammocks! i'm setting one up in my room

lol i like them because its the equivalent of a tent and rolls/folds to fit inside a water bottle!(mine does atleast) i would set it up in my room but we dont own the house and i dint think Mark(the owner) would appreciate holes in his walls lol


10 years ago

Supposedly there is ductape strong enough to hang from the ceiling with, if thats true, then im psyched too!

oh my God! thats is truly incredible! here is a link I found in regards to that: Gecko Tape But its an old article. Maybe they have found a cheap way to produce it by now.

Isn't that awsome? By the way, hows the "long distance relationship" going? And please post an instructable once you finish that pipe? the sooner the better!

that is probably the coolest tape ever invented. my long distance relationship is going quite well, thank you. in 13 days we will have reached the six month mark, so that is real good. in regards to the pipe, i have to go to the store and buy a lighter so that I can build it.

Sweet, good for you. Did you get the lighter? I can't wait til you post that instructable =D


10 years ago

> technologically superior to any tape ever invented That depends on your goals, and it's good to keep that in mind. There are truly STUNNING number of specialty tapes out there for assorted special applications.

very true - but gorilla tape is an all-purpose tape unlike any other. i've heard stories of people who braid it into rope and use it as emergency lines when mountaineering/orienteering.