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Got Any Suggestions? Answered

Well, after starting my group "Better Than That One," I thought it might be nice to let all of its members know that I am open to suggestions as to what guns to add to the group.


I meant suggestions to add to the group, not suggestions on what to build. =D


Reply 5 years ago

yes it is and how did you comment this -3 minutes ago?


5 years ago

If i ever get instuctables to work for me again i would love to show my true bolt action L96A1 but i know your not looking for bragging so my origanal thought is that you should try to make a sort of AR that fires semi auto and ejects shells, my idea is not to use the traditional type of shell, like this one uses https://www.instructables.com/id/Knex-Shell-ejecting-Bolt-action-Spring-loaded-ma/ but rather one that uses a shell like this: https://www.instructables.com/community/Prototype-knex-pistol-with-shells/ if you could make a mag for it you would be set if you used a mech like this one : http://knexinnovation.net/showthread.php?1108-WASP-War-Assault-Semi-automatic-Pistol but anyways thats my food for thought, it will be hard as heck, but if you can pull this off that would be one amazing gun

Well, a SA AR would be pretty cool, but I have never built a SA mech before, so I would not know how to do so. Besides, single shot guns are always more powerful. As to shell ejecting guns, I really don't see the point, they require unwanted attributes, and they are kinda pointless. As to incorporating a touch pin (which many people on 'ibles call mini primers) I don't know if I have enough light grey connecters to make a TR, and I don't even know if I would want to.

I didn't neccisarily say a turret, but a magazine for the mini-primers, that would eject the mini-primers as the shell, using a semi auto mech as the one mentioned above, i know that it would not be as powerful as a single shot but it would be totally cool

Well, I don't know. I am really feeling in the mood of a Bushmaster M4A3, as all the M4A1's on this site are pretty bad/not correct/not finished. I wold like to attempt a performance rifle (BABLBAR: Bolt Action Breach Loaded Bullpup Assault Rifle) but since I have never made a BA gun before, I really would not know where to begin. Hows that Scar coming along?

ok i know it sounds difficult one thing though in stead of useing a white rod as the the striking pin you should use a blue this will be amazing if you can do it


5 years ago

a colab with me on something that would be fun!

Well to start off maybe a "machine pistol" of some sorts. I have a very small part of it done. But, enough to know where I want to take it. It would be like a large pistol with a tiny butt on the end. To allow for max power the trigger would have to block far back and be behind the handle. Also, it would run of a Y-connector barrel. Lastly I would like for it to have a high cap grey connector mag. Questions? Interested?

A machine pistol? Is that possible? Without a motor that is. I am interested, but again, is it possible? Well, what do you think of a dual wield single handle pistol. It would basically be dr. richtofen's pistol, but it would have a mech at both the top and the bottom of the handle. It would be muzzle loaded, and highly effective in a K'NEX war. Are YOU interested?

Haha well that's why I put "machine" in quotes. Yes, I would be interested in doing something like that. But, which of his pistols do you mean?

Well, I already have a prototype built of my option. Do you want to help me with it, or would you rather have me post it, and then you can enhance it? I really don't care to do things with motors...as I don't have any. His "knex pistol"... I made his more efficient, and now I'm gonna make it look cooler...or try at least.

Oh I didn't see this comment until now, cool gun though. Maybe we can do a collaboration later in the future.

Hey bro, how do you feel about bullpups? I have just taken my PARR, and made it a working bullpup, but the stock is quite deep...Wanna collaborate on that?

I think they are interesting but knex wise I don't like how the pin would have to stick out that far. But yes would you like me to improve upon the gun you just posted?

Well, all you have to to is to make sure the stock is longer than the pin...and you solve that problem. You want to improve on my RBBR?

I guess but what does it need improvement on. It seemed to be functioning fine. I'd rather start up on a different/new gun.

Well people say it needs an IMP (Internal Mag Pusher) and they also say it "needs" to shoot rods.