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Got a BLOB image when trying to upload a screenshot using copy paste Answered

1. using windows 7 with chrome 30

While preparing a new instructable, I wanted to add a screenshot image. I clicked upload image,  and copy pasted my screenshot. 

To reproduce:
1. Start a new instructable and click the +Upload button (where you get the "Drag files here" area
2. Click Printscrn to take a screenshot of your screen
3. Press Cntrl+v to paste it (don't drag anything)
4. A thubmail of the picture will appear, saying that it is ready for upload
5. upload the picture

Instead of an image, you'll see the text Blob. Try to edit the blob image fails, with a link leading to a 403 "Request forbidden by administrative rules."

expected result:
The image would  now be added to the step

* If possible, please fix and remove the blob from my instructable to be here.


I always copy/paste screenshots into Paint, crop as required, then save as a JPG file.

Browse and select the screenshot file for upload instead of pasting it.

Is there a solution in the meantime?