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Got a old wireless x10 color camera any way to improve it for night time low light conditions any filters on camera--jb Answered


You can mod it to have an automatic adjustable aperature - but thats a pretty longshot. Installing infrared illumination LEDs wouldn't be hard - but make sure the camera doesn't have an IR filter over the sensor. You can tell if it has a filter by looking at an ir source (like a tv remote) and seeing if you can see 'white' from them. Remember, IR doesnt penetrate glass.

Infrared penetrates glass. It's just below the normal wavelength of visible light- It would have to have a special coating purposely applied on it for it to not.

Indeed, most glass products are coated (car and house windows, eyeglasses etc), so it was misleading What I meant to say is dont use an ir-illuminated night camera behind house glass - it likely wont penetrate.

Get some IR leds, and attach them around the camera. The camera can see the IR light, but our eyes can't.