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Got a schematic for a way to charge a couple AA rechargables using several solar panels linked? Answered

From parts still available at Radio Shack? Not old listings for rectifiers you can't buy anymore or that sort of thing.


You need more V than the rechargeable cells output, what does the solar cell give you? L

I've got 4 X (1.5V 100ma) solar cells that I could link series or parallel and am willing to buy a few more to speed up the charging if any sort of voltage regulator would work to deal with that sort of thing in a proposed circuit. (I'm guessing it would have some sort of rectifier in it to prevent current from going back into the solar cells)

basically you need V panels > V batery + 0.7 to charge 4 AA in series (4.8 V) 4 panels and strong sun (6 V) are ok now just connect them to the panel thru any diode that can hold 100 mA 6 V. diode should allow current from panel to batteries (silver line on the side of battery +) a 1N4001 etc (up to 1N4007) are diodes for up to 1 A current at various voltages if charge is too slow add cells or remove batteries