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Got some dry ice in a delivery, any ideas? Answered




Try a search of Instructables. Carbonated fruit and using alcohol and dry ice to flash-freeze things are good places to start.

If you do carbonate your own drink with dry ice, you should start with very cold but not frozen liquid, so as to dissolve as much CO2 as possible. Also, the more acidic it is already, the less CO2 will dissolve.

Keep in mind that the officially recommended method is to just dump a whole lot of dry ice in and leave the lid off until it stops bubbling. It is not the most effective method, but has the advantage of not violently exploding and taking your hearing and/or vision with it.

But if you decide to risk using a closed container, you must use an undamaged plastic soda bottle, calculate the proper amount of dry ice, and take safety precautions like wrapping the bottle in a towel and keeping it pointed away from people. As an example, if you wanted to 'safely' fill half of a two-liter bottle with high-pressure CO2, you might use this calculation to find that one and a half teaspoons of dry ice are needed.

I would carbonate some fruit juices with it. Of course if you like explosions you could make a dry ice bomb. There are many Instructables here to do these.