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Got stuff, need ideas! Answered

Hi everyone! 

I work in industrial bearing distribution, and every now and then something falls into my lap that I get to play around with.  Today we got a bunch of bearings back that had been made slightly different than the customer had requested. 

So, I've got a big box of these things.  There's nothing wrong with them, it's just that the little tapped holes are slightly misaligned and can't be used in the original application.  They are designed to press lightly onto a 5/16" shaft.  The tapped holes are 6-32 thread.  Also, I can easily get cheap 5/16 shafting and I've got a crate full of 5/16 single split and double split shaft collars.

My question is, what would you do if had all of these little guys?  I couldn't bear to send them all to the steel recycling place, as they're perfectly good bearings and pretty neat to boot, but I'm not sure what to do with them.  I thought I'd throw it open to the group--any ideas?



Can't, they're proprietary to the customer.  It's some sort of project or recycle.  I'd hate to throw them away!

Just a suggestion, but a lot of folks here on Instructables would interested in these for their projects if a low enough price came up for them to get them.


Might your boss offer them to the site as a sort of 'prize' for the best use of them?
(He could write them off as a 'contribution', we get another great contest, and others see not only a chance at some parts now, but also a supplier for other projects?)

I could use some for a mini-hybrid robot I'm designing!

The boss man says he'll think about it--I'll let you know what comes of this.  He says we have to get some other issues out of the way with these things before we can figure out how to handle the rest of them.

Oh, I hadn't thought of that!  I usually see this sort of bearing being used to support something, rather than being used as a holder for an axle.  That would work perfectly though, I'll have to think about it.

Thanks for the idea!

Make some sort of wooden platform and attach 2 or more bearings on each side, like a skateboard. Then feed an axel through the bearings then attach wheels.
Next build some sort of track (It could be a square pipe cut in half, and if the wheels had ridges, it could ride along the sides of it, picture below.) Then place it on the track. Now, transport!


8 years ago

 A roller conveyor belt, like ones that are in airports. Use it to send things around your office.

Now you're talking!  I bet I could rig something like that up . . . but how do I sell my boss on the idea?

 Say that you can send notes and work at the same time.

Make a necklace. :-P

Make a sculpture!

I'm thinking I might make some sort of kinetic sculpture, or some sort of art piece.  Not sure what yet though.