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Gps Tracking Device Extended Battery Answered

First ever post after years of lurking. Searched but couldn't quite get the right answer.

I'm trying to extend the battery of my GPS Live tracker. Currently I get 3, sometimes 2 days before the battery gets so low I must recover it. I saw where advertisers are selling 10 day batteries for up to $600. Just too much for me. The first picture is a completed model being sold on the internet.

So I ordered the battery, ($58) and the charger ($45). Tomorrow morning I'll go find some connectors that match the charger and that I can use as a connector on the GPS.

I'm going to go through the hacked battery case. I'll rig the the wires to match the holes then fill the empty case with hot glue to hold it in place.

This is my big question: There are 3 electric tabs on the GPS. I have + and -. Can I just ignore the center tab?

I will then run the wires through a hole I'll drill in the Hacked battery case. To a connector-connecting to battery.

Any issues? The battery has a Built-in IC chip. I am assuming that is an IC chip on the old battery removed.

I appreciate any input.

Thank you.


I'll connect it in the morning.

The online tracking software does tell me as a percentage how much battery is left. I'd like that feature to continue to work.

Connect it and see if it comes on. The center tab may be some sort of battery meter for the GPS unit or thermometer or something.