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Grand theft auto IV vs Grand theft auto San Andreas Answered

Which is better GTA 4 or GTA san andreas? GTA4 is graphically superior, but san andreas has a bigger map with more countryside and desert. Also, San andreas has planes and helicopters, but GTA4 only has helicopters, but to compensate it has much more weapons and cars. Also everything in GTA 4 is more realistic and looks nicer.



8 years ago

Awww no-one replied

i have gta san andreas with mods, cheats and multiplayer... its the best!!!

hahaha, i rareley play it now...

lol with the n00bmode?

do you play gta sa with the n0bbmode or without ??

I have a few mods for GTA SA too! I have the bigfoot mod, Bugatti, ferrari Enzo, Aston Martin DB9 and a new shamal, as well as many more, including the 2005 batmobile! (The tumbler)

ye i have alot aswell like the fn p90 and airbus a380. do you have multiplayer

ahhhh : ( lol........ whats ur msn??

I think GTA 4 is better but I miss the driving of san andreas. I hate turning around a corner in gta 4 and have my car spin out of control everytime... I know it's realistic but honestly who can conceal an RPG together with 6 other weapons in his jacket and nobody notices? So the driving sucks but besides that GTA4 rules. Especially the hitman stuff is a nice touch :D

I think the cars and graphics are definately nicer in GTA4, and the damage models and how your car suffers (eg suspension can break etc), but I really liked the off-road driving of San Andreas, which you can't really do in 4. Also, the missions in GTA4 are just dull :\