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Grape-Scented Purple Shoes! Answered

Reebok seems to have found my purple shoes, and with some help from Kool-Aid upped the ante with Grape-scented purple shoes!

Suggestions? Purple LED purple shoes? Purple shoes made from real grape skins?

via NoahBrier.com


They need to be purple... smell like grapes... but TASTE like strawberries. This is obviously a senses war :D Sight and Smell - covered :)

Yeah, because its fun to torture people who eat their shoes.

No no no :p For those that put their foot in their mouth :D The catch phrase could be... "Putting your foot in your mouth has never been so tasty." As seen on TV, yada yada yada.

Ugh, why on earth would you want your shoes to smell like grape. Excuse me, if it's kool-aid, grape drink.

Interesting. My friend used to tell me that purple tasted like crowbar, so perhaps crowbar scented purple shoes?

Now all you need is a t-shirt that reads: "I make wine" LOL

Ah yes, I did not thought about that ........... Grape turns to wine, and wine to vinegar ...... then come the flies. Grape-scented shoes, is that a so good idea finally ???

Yeah, I was looking at that as being "evidence" that you were "stomping" grapes, but just not in your bare feet LOL

Trimmed in electroluminescent wire?

You can do better! Make them kiwi scented!

That's a weird color ............................................. Mine are bluish, and sometimes, they are slightly "footish-scented". Sorry, no suggestion yet ...