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Greasemonkey script for instructables comments Answered

I put together the tiniest of GS scripts to make the comments a little easier to read.

Click the GS script to install.


Gaaaah, I got it to work finally for Flock's browser, but it still hiccups in MSIE *sigh*

Ok, this isn't working for me....I must be doing something wrong, or not doing something...

Ah fooey it does work, in IE and FireFox.......but I like Flock :..-..( and I can't find an extension that works with Mozilla Flock *sigh*.......

it stopped working in I.E. ver 7

I am getting a script error (object expected: line 9, character 5, code=800A138F, Microsoft JScript runtime error)


10 years ago

I have no idea how to install scripts. I suspect I need Greasemonkey?

. Yeppers. Once you have GM installed, click on the "GS script" link in the OP and it will automatically start the script install process.

Thanks, Nacho. I like it. Now, say I happened to install a script of which I did not like, do you know how I would go about uninstalling it?

. Well, the proper answer to that is RTFM. heehee . Go to the Tools menu, hover over GreaseMonkey and select Manage scripts.

And yet another of your acronyms that I don't know what it stands for....looks it up.... Oh, ok. I see how it is Nacho, talking all foul like that at me! You just wait and see what happens! ;-) Thanks, btw.

Friendly manual? I have never met one of those. What company puts them out? ;-)


That's not exactly the word that Dictionary.com used.

WTF? RTFM isn't TFB! STFU, you don't know WTFyou're talking about!

*breaks no-F streak*


I have it ... somewhere... just have to find it now...for both IE and FF (search is taking forever)

Thank god! No more reverse, out of order comments!

This doesn't change the order, it just adds the left border line to make it easier to read for me. I might add more to it later.

Works great! Literally, it took less than 30 seconds to install Greasemonkey, and the script. Thanks!

How come I'm not in that screen shot?!?!

I like this. Thanks!

Heh... I was thinking of doing something similar... Beat me to it :P Too bad we can't sticky :P

Oh thank you so much! I used to keep my mouse in one place and scroll up to see where a comment originated from =[

Thank you!