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Great Stuff surfboard! Has anyone even tried to make a longboard from this foam? Answered

I know, I know, but I'm trying to make a "scratch built longboard from everyday materials and the cloth, poly fiberglass, stringer ,fin(laminated scraps of wood) etc. mostly "that's all there is" for materials( inland or Amageddon}....would like to hear different viewpoints and tips as to how to make the best of it.....if its a sinker or a real dog it'll be an"art project.  lets hear it !!!


You could build an egg-crate style form, fill the cavities with spray foam, smooth out all the lumps and bumps and cover with duct/duck tape. 
After you successfully test it in the water you could send the video to Instructables and Make magazine and become famous amongst all us geniuses who frequent this site!!!

Paganwonder, great answer,but I've already built a plywood form and lined it with plastic and set a stringer up the middle and am in the process of filling it slowly(i've found that small tight beads have less air bubbles(voids) and the skin of each bead lends to overall strength I think ?....But the egg crate is in line for #2 if it comes to that (I did see a cardboard  type form made by a guy in Cali). but it would sure stiffen up the core of the blank/board. thanks, and any other thoughts are really welcome. Fitzkenny

Great Stuff simply isn't designed to be used in structural applications. Its compressive strength is close to nil and it is rather flexible potentially making the board respond sluggishly. My doubts outweigh my beliefs on this project however I'd love to hear if you accomplish what you have laid before yourself. Pics and vids of accomplishments are also good. Good luck!

fitzkenny- really looking forward to the results of this project- seems like your results could lead to other uses/projects.   Thx

thanks again, I'll try to document this project.  it may take a bit of time as its getting cold here(northeast) I have a pretty crappy camera...and I work out of my house/barn/workshop....and don't want to blow up the place with fumes from glassing(have to heat the place up high,shut off all pilots and flames, glass and then exhaust fan the fumes , gotta live in here to). This might work, and is also morphing into other design ideas for this board building with non standard materials. Like "ribs " along the central stringer to stiffen up the entire board(to compensate for the less than optimal foam and fiberglass cloth inferior resin etc.) but keeping weight in mind also. Any design and or tech ideas gladly accepted......share the stoke!!!!

Well, it's an expanding foam. Not particularly rigid. I don't know anything about surfboards so I have absolutely no opinion about whether it might be useful for this purpose or not. I have seen it used to build informal sculptures, on the spray-wait-and-trim principle, but I'm not sure how much of an inner support armature was used in those cases.

Please READ AND HEED THE HAZARD LABELS when playing with this stuff. It's in the same chemical family as "gorilla glue", and similarly cures on contact with moisture. If you get it on your skin, it's going to stick until the outer layer of skin dies and falls off. WEAR SAFETY GOGGLES, along with gloves or whatever other protective gear you feel would be helpful. (It's not as potentially dangerous as superglue, but it's also a heck of a lot less controlled. And while superglue can be softened with acetone, I'm not sure what would dissolve this stuff.)

Also note that it will happily seal itself into the can if you let it set. Plan ahead so you use the can for all the projects which might need it, and plan on throwing away whatever you don't use that first time.

orksecurity, again thanks guys. I've worked with this Great/icky Stuff for years in my building jobs so I'm totally aware of its toxic and ultra sticy nature(fresh stuff cleans up with paint thinner until it dries but if it does dry on you or your hair or most surfaces,... then learn to love it)!. the rigid issues are real as air bubbles which propel it out of the can can be quite large if put on too fast and long. Narrow beads seem to be the best course. and the skin is rigid; many strands stronger mass? almost like muscle tissue.  cut back the straw to get it going again after it dries(hold it upside down and depress the trigger to flush with air before ending use) and then cut straw or replace the straw when dry, and it can most of the time,  be reusable again. I just hope I can shape it and glass it without too many little voids. though filling and shaping and refilling works but it is wicked labor intensive.  Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, fitzkenny