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Greatest Internet Moment? Answered

Lot's of us spend a lot of time online. So it's no wonder many of us have a good time while at it. What moment/instance are you most proud of/feel the best about that ocoured online?

I'd have to say either:
a). My first featuring, How To Pop a Pimple
b). Goodhart getting his shirt
c). Getting my first commission online :D
d). Killing that bad ass Jungle Demon (when I was a really low level for the job) in Runescape

What say you?


- One recent contest win...
- One day finding out that A project was on G4TV, featured by three new sites and getting featured in the newsletter...
- Umm one my brother found, eh wish I had a link, haven't seen it myself but it's quite a surprise to find that it was on the internet or taped...
- the sex collab, because we worked hard on it.

please dont let it be a joke about anything sex related...

LOL! I think I get what he's saying, I'll IM you on meebo.

Insert menu>Text>Pun *click*

I've been making that joke way too much lately, it's becoming more true as I do minor edits... Stupid organs... Obey me or I shall smite thee! Ok no I'm sorry I couldn't do that... I'll put you near a fat chick! Ahhh where'd it go?

"..Just use flour to find the wet spot.." A friend of mine said that when I couldn't find the leak in a bucket. It applies to your chain of comment topics.. :D

It did occur to me that there are some sections missing, on that train of though but I'll write them up, have a few books that have ended up in the bookcase which should help me make an informative and disturbing section...

*Ding* Rocket passes at great speed... Screaming runescape girls!

Great Speg have you seen the CG? Not the best. But after a quick swap of social network sites, and bingo, your mind will blend the image of the real person with the cg character...

That's a tad creepy, even saying it... Look down two comments, it's the long one... That should explain something.

*shrugs* Well feel fortunate I don't play it... currently. I do know what you are talking about though, it's one of the primary reasons I don't always get along with nerds...

Ah it depends on how nerdy you really are I guess... Still excepted for now...

We shall have to see... I'll be sure to let you know when I'm on your tiny little island...

Now we wait for a few remarks on girls who play runescape.. I know quite a few girls who have 'Girls Only' LAN parties..

Sorry but people who play those games... Ugh they turn in to lumps of corpulent flesh and cheese, it's horrifying I've seen it happen to people, first comes the defence of games like that, then the social life goes... After that they start gaining weight, acne sets in. Slowly their internal organs are replaced with cheese and hot pockets and the final stage happens when they reach a certain level or something and start thinking that life is that game. After self intervention they learn a lot about life and usually start with socialising, then as they become social people they stop eating because there's no microwave, they start drinking and eventually the slim down and life becomes about about sniggering as a hot girl passes and eventually they pull, which is better than them getting off by play GTA and spending their time in the strip club (in the game)

It was true already then you trued it, now it's Double true

Nothing it's just that it's a food group in my house, not a bodily humour...

Jet engine on a few sites, zippo tricks in the newsletter... The collab is something I'm proud of, we all should be after being in a conversation with an old teacher who was grumbling about the lack of education on the subject since there's a show on about it on at the moment I showed him and he was gob smacked... The other thing isn't proud so much as shocking and in some weird way kind of funny, some people would call it cool but they're not the kind of people I could be in a room with.

1. when i swiched to radioactive and felt fresh........... 2. when i started knex 3. when i first got on the net from my iphone

What made you change your personality on instructables when you became radioactive?

the fact that i would be caught..............

Well the ole saying that you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar, applies too. :-)

When speaking of ordinary house flies (I've not seen any difference with fruit flies either, nevertheless, to keep it simple), honey not only attracts more flies but will get them "stuck" easier, despite what what the comic says. Get a petri dish and try it some time ;-)