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Greek/English translation question? Answered

I am told that the word "porousias" is Greek, but not what it means.

I've tried a few translation websites, but none recognise it.

Can you help?  Is the spelling correct?

Thank you in advance.


www.archive.org/stream/philosophyasscie00caruiala/philosophyasscie00caruiala_djvu.txt   around page 125 GREEK MYSTERIES, A PREPARATION FOR CHRISTI- ANITY, THE. Mon. XI, 87-123. Illustrated. Christianity owes a number of important terms to Greek mysteries, especially the very word "mystery" itself, and in addition such words as porousia, i. e., the act of becoming bodily present, ecstasy, teleiosis, or completion, etc. The Orphic songs foreshadow the Christian idea of the immortality of the soul, and Christ is represented as Orpheus in the catacombs. The main idea of the Orpheus ceremonials is his death and resurrection. The significance of the wine in the sacrament has also its pagan correlate in the cult of Dionysus, who was born in a cave, tortured, slain, and rises to life again. He enters the city riding on an ass. But while the mysteries were communicated to a few initiates, the doctrine of Christianity was preached from the housetops.

Sadly to say:  The Orphic songs foreshadow the Christian idea of the immortality of the soul..

that this is NOT a Christian idea and was only introduced a few centuries after the fall of Jerusalem in 70 CE.  But it is definately not Christian in origin.  It Predates Christianity by several millenia (not in the Bible, but in other religions). .  While immortality, that is obtained one way or another, is mentioned, being born with an "immmortal sould" is not. In fact, it says of your "soul" that it is but dust and ashes, and will return to the dust.

poro-, por-, pori- +
(Greek > Latin > Old French: passageway, used primarily as "a pore, a small orifice"; opening; cavity, tract)

and Usias,  means "essence," 

in other words, "holy" essence?

(more canned laughter.)

I knew it was a "mystery!"

cue canned laughter...

Homoousios is a Greek word meaning "same substance" or "same essence."

Many websites that have this word are religious so I am assuming it has to do with some religious BS.

Best I could do Kiteman my man.