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Green Fire?? Answered

I recently went on a campout with some friends and someone brought a bunch of newspaper. When we put a bunch in the bottom of the fire turned green. Does anyone know how that happened?



Best Answer 9 years ago

Sometimes the newspapers are printed with paint what contains metal salts what can change the colour of the fire.
Maybe the newspaper was printed with paint what contained: copper salts, boron salts, barium salts.

I think there was a little boron in the paper, they use boric acid often to impregnate paper against fire, but if you place this paper in a big fire e.g. campfire, than the boric acid will just colour the flame.

And there is a great experiment: boric acid+methanol= boron-metanoate what burns with beautiful green flame. Or you can use ethanol also, just you have to add a little sulfuric acid as catalyst to give boron-ethanoate.

Or maybe they used a copper based paint in the newspaper. That can also happened.

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pyro man

9 years ago

Most of the time the ink in the paper will turn the fire different colors.which can be very entertaining.