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Green Ichthys Goldfish! Answered

So, I found this half-green gold fish in my box of whole-grain goldfish today. Looks to me like something I could sell on ebay as a religious symbol. I'm thinking of it as an ichthys (The fish that say Jesus inside them).

  • What should I call it?
  • What kind of story should I write about it? (What can I claim it is?)
  • Which category on ebay should I put it in?



Eat it! You might just gain powers.


10 years ago

i think the thing is just mouldy

Ichthys doesn't mean the jesus fish, it just means fish in greek

It doesn't have to have "jesus" inside of it -- there are other options. Heck, it doesn't even have to be fish shaped to be an ichthys!

The thing is, it was still an Ichthys -- just not a fish-shaped one. It was made out of layering the letters ΙΧΘΥΣ ("Ἰ"ησοῦς "Χ"ριστός," Θ"εοῦ "Υ"ἱός, "Σ"ωτήρ >> "Jesus Christ, God's Son, Saviour.") that often appear in the modern fish. After they used the wheel-shaped ichthys for a while, they probably realized that ΙΧΘΥΣ is also Greek for fish, and decided to use a fish as the symbol, instead of a wheel. You'll understand a lot better if you just read the Wikipedia article.

I give up (I think the name might have changed later and they still call them that)

"Grenade" in French means pomegranate.
We get the word "grenade", the things with pins to pull & explosives, from the word.

So, are all grenades pomegranates?

So? I'm talking about the Engish etymology, which was from French.

It's like squares and rectangles: A jesus fish is always an ichthys, but an ichthys is not always a jesus fish.

An ancient relic, made of a synthetic material similar to products used in the modern industry. Found in a group of seemingly normal ritual objects. It is believed that the ancient (insert culture) used this valuable relic to gain life force. It has the shape of what is believed to be an ancestor or many modern creatures. Carvings on its side suggest emotions. Possibly believed to be a god, as it gave sustenance and Life.


A synthetic cheese product made in a factory. Found in a bag o snacks. (ritual= snacking).

(believed to gain life force = eating, filling up). Ancestor of many moderncreatures=fish. (carvings=the snack that smiles back! Goldfish!)

God giving sutenance and Life - no snacks make weissensteinburg go crazy!

You gotta sprinkle it up. Any mundane task can seem like an unbeliavable adventure if you use a few fancy words!

oh come one! at least comment on this! It took me a while to make it! Even if its negative!!!!!!!

just like the copper plated carvings of Lincoln's face that sold for $20! (pennies)

actually it was a real scam that some people were doing. They sold them on ebay!

Perhaps it's an environmental message from Above...

Gross!!!! Here is a better idea.... sue Pepperirdge Farm ....Joking!

As sad as it may sound... some people will pay money for that.

. Moldy Communion Wafer? . That "dimple" (just above center in the second pic) looks like the naval of Saint Kiteman to me. . Religious:Artifacts:Miraculous

It does!
W'burg -- sell it to kiteman!!!