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Green Skin Paint? Answered

Hey guys,

So for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy movie me and my girlfriend are going as Starlord and Gamora. We are trying to figure out our costumes and it seems pretty clear that for her costume to be complete she needs to be green. So I was wondering if you guys new what paint we could use for that, obviously it should be able to be washed off. So if anyone can help many many thanks!


I've used Liquid Latex Body Paint (http://www.liquidlatex.com/liquidlatex.html) on all my "Living Statues" for a part a few years ago. Very opaque, and peels off, on all hairless places, there is a lotion that removes it from hairs, it ilso tends to stick to itself on folds and wrinkles.
Alcohol based airbrush make up is fantastic and durable, but a bit pricey and requires an airbrush. The water based airbrush acrylic is cheaper but less durable.

green makeup paint like kiteman suggested or if rushed for time can use tempra paint (finger paint ) but it cracks after several hours will have to set it with hairspray