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Green indoor gardening Answered

I have had an interest in building a greenhouse like area with flouresent bulbs, automated water, and climate control. For the water i could hook up a hose on a timer to a bit of pvc but what is the best way to get proper climate control. What is the desired composition of a water? I guess the question is how do i get nutrient water and proper vitamins straight to a plant?


Use an old thermostat hooked up to a relay hooked up to some fanss

i know there's things like miracle grow but can you make that at home with simple chemical i'm looking to experiment with fast and effeceint plant growing. i guess i'm looking for the most effeicent way to grow plants.

There are several liquid fertilisers available, and powder and pellet forms should dissolve anyway.

What you're asking is "What concentration of nutrient do I need?"

That varies, I'm afraid, depending on what kind of plants you are growing - check any decent gardening book or website to find what your plants need.

Are you growing the plants in soil or similar? If you are, just add the appropriate fertilisers to the soil - it does not need to be a constant addition.

If you are growing the roots in water, you need to look into hydroponics, which is well-represented here on Instructables (click this link).