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Greenhouse Heating Answered

Hi, does anyone have any suggestions on a cheap efficient Heating System I can build myself for a Greenhouse?


Depends on where you are. Solar, geothermal, electric or fossil fuel would be options depending on cost and availability. Just enter greenhouse or home heating in the search box above.

Thanks, I have looked at all of these solutions but what I'm really looking for is someone who already has a cheap cost effective system that they would be willing to share with others like myself who are trying the reduce the overall costs of Year round production.

I think you are looking for a fully equipped aquaponics setup that involves various control systems as well as plumbing/mechanical pump/HVAC systems. Nothing is free and something as complex as that is not low cost.

I realize nothing is Free, however I also realize that knowledge is Key when it comes to creating Simple Systems that could Help Stop Hunger World Wide. I can only Hope that that there are those who are willing to Share thier knowledge with others.

Hi, I am so convinced that Aquaponic's could become the Bridge by which World Hunger could be absolutely eraddicated once and for all. My express Hope is that by communicating and sharing our knowledge with each other we can greatly enhance Aquaponic's overall appeal and usability for everyone litterally around the entire World. Especially if we can produce a System that is so Cost effective that not even the Nay Sayers can argue it's overall Benefits to a Starving World.

A System that not only Produces Quality Food but also a System that produces it's own Electricity, Heating, Water and a minimum amount of Labor needed to Harvest what is produced.

If we can do that we can Feed the entire World for just mere Pennies on the Dollar as oposed to Traditional Methods of Farming.

Thanks I have looked at all of these but what I'm asking I guess is there anyone who has a cheap efficient, cost effective system that they would be willing to share with others like myself who are trying to reduce the expense's of operating an Aquaponic System Year round.