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Group : Collection of Instructables for class-room and teaching purposes ... Answered


With a little imagination, one could use nearly everything (modified of course) for classroom teaching I would think. You should have seen the volcano I constructed from scratch while I was in H.S. Flames, real molten lava, smoke, and lots of white sparks. My Sci teacher was impressed (of course, we "lit" it out in the parking lot LOL)

And what about reproducing it and making an instructable ??? ;o)

I mean, one could use most of the instructables in one way or another, for the classroom.

As soon as I posted, my error. Hmm, that was over 32 years ago....I wonder if I can still get salt petre and magnesium "on the cheap" still ?

*sigh* THIS:As soon as I posted, my error. Should read: As soon as I posted, I realized my error.

Nice idea, but haven't we already got an education group?

I tried to classify them to make the collection more "user friendly" ... Though, maybe, some of them could be put in one or several category ... or some are in the wrong category. Would you, please, give it a look and tell me how I could improve this list ? Also, I don't know where to put the tow last ones ...

To be picky, Electricity & Electrostatics, Magnetism, Optics, and Sound are all branches of Physics. Maybe those particular two could be classed as "Instruments" or "Measuring". The "Ice" one could go in chemistry, or start a "materials" classification, and the hovercraft could start an "investigation" classification (in UK science classes, general investigative skills are taught as a fourth branch of science, along with physics, chemistry and biology).

Thanks Kiteman :-)

I will try to follow this model when the collection will grow.


Don't you just hate when it does that LOL